"A young composer finding a new sound all his own." - Jazz Times Magazine 

 "This album is well conceived and more than casually ambitious." - Nate Chinen, The New York Times

"Nick Vayenas is one of those musicians who can put out at anytime the most amazing and unexpected line on the trombone or the trumpet and make it sound so easy, musical, and fresh.  I have been a big fan of him since the first time I heard him.  Originality is a rare quality to have these days and he has it all." - Lionel Loueke 

"This is one of the most impressive of Whirlwind issues, showcasing a multi-talented individual likely to appeal to a wide constituency of jazz fans,  4 stars." - Jazz Journal

"Nick is one of those rare finds.  A person who will redefine the role of the trombone not only in small ensemble playing, but also in the way we perceive that instrument in the music community.  His melodic concept is gorgeous, and his technique is beyond anything i've ever witnessed.  I'm very proud to say that i've watched him grow, and continue to wait and see what he will do next." - Terence Blanchard

"Mr. Vayenas is a man of many talents - he plays fast trumpet, fulsome trombone and he sings too.. this is a very well played album.. Stardust is effective - the highish vocal is suave and smooth against a more urgent Lionel Loueke and percussion rhythm.  Add some nicely accented phrasing and a richly melodic trombone solo and the standard tune meets Vayenas's contemporary music attitudes in accord...  the band is classy." - The Jazz Breakfast

"His brass work and arrangements are stellar, this band is right in step with him and he's beginning to discover the power of connecting with an audience through not only the strength of his playing but also with the words he sings." - Step Tempest

"Vayenas and company's endeavors will surely give adventurous music fans something to look forward too." - Greg Camphire, All About Jazz 

"I predict we will hear more from this young man on any one or all four of his talents."  Bebop Spoken Here

"Vayenas has got a great, identifiable sound that is all his own." - The Entertainment Bank  

"Vayenas is anything but another jazz musician, he's a musician that's willing to cross bridges into new musical territory, and doesn't hold anything back." - Kevin Eagan, BlogCritics Magazine  "

"One is easily seduced into this music.  He is developing his own voice and the future looks extremely promising." - Richard Kamins, The Hartford Courant 

"A valiant opening salvo for a new musician on the scene who's star should rise quickly."   - Michael G. Nastos, All Music Guide

"Vivid music mixed in with great trumpet, trombone, and vocal skills.. Nick Vayenas is a pleasure to listen to, with great variation throughout its 8 tracks." - Jazz & Blues Tour, ASFM 105.4, The Netherlands